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Who should I interview for upcoming podcasts?

Hi everybody, I've been a bit busy lately which is why there haven't been any shows recently. The next show will be out April 5th-ish.

I've also run out of "easy access" people to talk to (that is, the people who I know). Does anybody have any ideas? I'm looking for either people or topics.

I recently got an email asking me to do a show on hydropower. I'd have to do some research on who to talk to about this though.

I also want to find somebody to talk to about CO2 capture and sequestration, maybe an economist to talk about some different carbon tax policies and a show on geothermal.

I'm hoping the next interview that I do will be with somebody who's developing a wind farm and so I'm basically looking to get a description of the entire process from start to finish (hopefully including financing/environmental studies/construction/expected ROI).

So, please post any requests for upcoming shows here.