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A better VAWT design a better way of Life

I'm ticked off at what it cost to go fishing or going anywhere "like work" and thought I would try to solve the problem. Computers and cell phones are great for comunicating but life really stinks when you can't afford to go mobile.

Imagine a wind turbine atop of every telephone pole and a filling station (plug) at the bottom of some of poles. Swipe your charge card and charge your batteries for a fraction of filling up with gas anywhere there are power lines. Yea it will take time to charge but you can catch up on your interent activities while you wait or call a friend on your cell phone so you don't need to do it while your driving! My VAWT design might be the most efficient design by producing power at lower wind speeds. You could put one on your roof and earn credit to use when you travel.

I invented the BulletBobber so why not believe I can invent something to allow us to go fishing with out breaking the budget, poluting etc.....I added the basic info from my provisional patent to my BulletBobber website.

This is not something I can manage myself or afford to do the R&D needed to perfect it for mass production.
So I am looking for help - not suggestions of where to find help - you would thing it would be easy but it ain't without commited people. I still work the day job and I am not looking for advice I'm looking for folks that can truely pull this off. The first thing is for someone or some company to build a quality prototype and compare results to others. I would be happy with a very small % thru a license agreement if this is as big as I think it can be and so would anyone else for helping.