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Mixed topics

theWatt Podcast 75

Panel discussion podcast with Mark Seall, Rod Adams, Robb Worthington and Ben. Topics include carbon taxes vs cap-and-trade policies, OECD Environmental Outlook, nuclear power in the UK, carbon limits on cars in the EU, $106/bbl oil.

theWatt Podcast 56 Part 2

This is a conversation with Steve Sottile from SWITCH.

theWatt Podcast 51

Conversation with Deb Snoonian, senior editor from Plenty Magazine.

theWatt Podcast 38

The blurb of the week is some clips from James Kunstler and Mike Lynch from the show Radio Open Source: The End of the Oil Age (mp3 right here).

theWatt Podcast 29

theWatt blurb of the week is about hydrogen storage, technical challenges and potential solutions

theWatt Podcast 26

theWatt Blurb of the Week is an in depth look at the recent study by David Pimentel and Tad Patzek about the energy return on investment of ethanol and also some estimates for gasoline.
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