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theWatt Podcast 60 Part 2

Bill Kemp, author of the books below, is on the show talking about biodiesel. More info on Bill's books can be found at AzText Press. Transcript available below.

theWatt Podcast 59 Part 2

This show features a discussion with Tad Patzek, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. We spoke about the energy balance of ethanol. Transcript available below.

theWatt Podcast 56 Part 2

This is a conversation with Steve Sottile from SWITCH.

theWatt Podcast 55

In the show, Avi Friedman (professor of architecture at McGill University, director of the affordable homes program at McGill, author of many books

theWatt Podcast 54

Paul Gipe is on the show talking about wind power and the roller coaster ride that it has taken since the 70s. Transcript available below.

theWatt Podcast 53

In this show: Art Spinella, President of CNW Marketing Research explains how he came to the conclusion that hybrid vehicles consume more energy over their entire life than some SUVs. Transcript available below.

theWatt Podcast 52

Dr. Arne Jacobson, Environmental Resources Engineering prof from Humboldt State University talks about thin-film solar cells.

theWatt Podcast 51

Conversation with Deb Snoonian, senior editor from Plenty Magazine.

theWatt Podcast 49

In this show, Mark Rodgers from Cape Wind Associates explains what is going on with the Young Amendment.

theWatt Podcast 46

This file has an edited interview with Dave Braden about battery electric vehicles. If you want the full interview, download this file as well (this file is only the interview):
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